Here at SPACE OF WELL, I offer one-on-one Nutrition + Lifestyle consultations that specialise in providing you with the knowledge, tools + guidance to:

  • Build the Foundation of Vibrant Health through Nutrition + Self-Care practices.
  • Help you form a Better Relationship with Yourself + with Food.
  • Achieve Clear Glowy Skin
The Foundation: Nutrition + Self-Care Practices

The core of my practice is all about helping women form a better relationship with themselves + with food. And the Foundation for this is through education of Nutrition + Self-Care Practices.


Without the Foundation of Nutrition, and knowing what to eat to best support you and your lifestyle, everything else can’t be built on top on it. To me, good Nutrition is fundamental to feeling our best. This is because what we eat provides us with the building blocks our body needs to function optimally, so it can self-heal + regulate.

Not only that but eating well gives us the energy we need to do all the things we want. Without it, we’re prone to low energy, low mood, skin issues, health problems, aches + pains: all of which prevents us from feeling vibrant inside + out.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about Nutrition right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re confused. We’re constantly bombarded with contradictory information about our diets on a daily basis. One day it’s Paleo, the next Keto. Trendy diets come + go but building a Foundation of Nutrition that best supports you is something you’ll have for life. 


We live in an age now where we’re trying to do + be everything. It’s easy for us to neglect our diet + Self-Care practices. But it is precisely why it’s so important for us to take the time to take care of ourselves. In order to be our best, and feel our best, it’s essential to feed ourselves food that can help us, not rob us.

And the reason why I’ve included Self-Care in the Foundation is because wellness is so much more than what we eat, yes it is the base but it’s not the end in itself. We can eat the healthiest food, but if we neglect our Self-Care, the true sense of feeling well cannot be achieved.

By incorporating Self-Care practices into your life, you’ll be less stressed, more refreshed, and you’ll have more energy. And most of all you’ll feel more in tune with yourself.

Eating well, getting proper Nutrition + incorporating Self-Care practices will enable you to build up your Foundation of Vibrant Health. But I want to assure you that I don’t subscribe to an all or nothing approach. As I believe it is ineffective in the long run. It’s about supplying you with the tools + knowledge you need, so even when you do indulge + forgo your Self-Care practices, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to feel your best again.

The Core: Form a Better Relationship with Yourself + with Food

Forming a better relationship with ourselves + with food is the core of my practice. This is because I’ve witnessed not only with myself but others around me, seem to struggle with this. And it’s a major stumbling block for living our best, most vibrant lives. 

As a society, we’ve become so disconnected with ourselves and most importantly our authentic selves. This is because growing up, we all experienced trauma + shame. We were told we weren’t enough or we weren’t loved + cared for. And the shame subconsciously seeps into our daily lives, even to this day. Our surroundings is a reflection of our subconscious beliefs of what we think we deserve.

That constant negative chatter in our heads about how we’re not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not enough – that’s all from our shame. We let our disdain for ourselves stop us from going for the things we really want. Our relationship with ourselves in shambles.

We compare ourselves to others on social media and determine our lives aren’t that great after all. We may dislike our bodies because of societal’s beauty standards. And we have this dysfunctional relationship with food, a love-hate relationship that could plague some of our minds for years.

Our relationship with food can be a spectrum. We may love it one day and hate it the next when we’ve put on some weight. The essential step towards combating this poor relationship with food is to be educated on the function of nutrition and what food actually is. You’ll learn about the reasons why so many of us are addicted to food, and what you can do to form a better relationship with it. You’ll finally see food as nourishment, as an ally. Not something to be feared and demonised.

Restructuring our relationship with ourselves + with food is absolutely paramount to living our most well life. By forming a more loving relationship with yourself, your body + with food, you’ll be able to live your most confident, joyful + abundant life.

The Icing: Clear glowy skin

Achieving that clear glowy skin is the Icing on the cake. It’s the Icing because Nutrition, Self-Care practices, healing your Relationship with Yourself + with Food is of utmost importance to build + restructure first and foremost. After all, having healthy, clear, glowy skin is a reflection of our inner environment. When we’ve built up all the other foundational components, our skin will start to repair itself. 

But I completely understand having our skin covered in acne can take a real hit on our confidence. So much so, we’d rather stay home than to go out. We may feel unloveable, undesirable and even embarrassed or ashamed. We turn to specialists, harsh chemical filled products + medications to try to tame our problematic skin. Neglecting the fact that these are merely bandaids. And we’re not targeting the root cause of it.

The Icing is about helping women who are struggling with their skin find solutions on how to heal their skin + achieve that clear glowy skin once + for all.

You’ll learn about what is the root cause of our skin problems. What affects our skin, why we have these conditions + what we can do about it. We’ll go through what foods to eat that would best support your skin, which supplements to take + lifestyle practices to incorporate into your daily life.

You’re in the right place:
  • If you’re tired of feeling confused about what to eat to feel your best.
  • If you want to be educated on what to eat so you can feel more vibrant + energised.
  • If you want to incorporate more self-care practices into your life.
  • If you’re seeking a way to improve your relationship with yourself + with food.
  • If you’re looking for a solution for your skin concerns that targets the root cause + achieve Clear Glowy Skin.
  • If you want to feel comfortable in your skin + confident in your body.
  • If you want to feel empowered to take care of yourself.
  • If you’re hoping to learn everything you can to be your most vibrant self in an easy-to-understand, digestible way.
My Practice:

In my practice, I utilise a blend of Human design + Astrology to gain a better understanding of your whole being.

I provide my clients highly personalised programmes that are not only based on their unique circumstances, their preferences + tastes. But I also takes into consideration their location. To me, catering to where you are is incredibly important. I won’t recommend ingredients you can’t get easily. As we’re all from different countries and have different produce available to us.

I’m here to provide the support, accountability, hand-holding, guidance + education you need. As lifestyle changes can be hard to implement into your life. My aim is to simplify the process + make it as streamlined for you as possible. So you can have more time to live your life.

What Happens:

Firsts things first, if you would like to work with me, please send me an email. Please introduce yourself, tell me more about you and where you are right now in your health journey. And please let me know which area you would like to focus on right now.

Prior to the Initial Consultation, you will be sent 2 forms to fill in digitally, along with a food diary. These will help me learn more about you and I will be able to spend more time in the session focusing more in depth on what’s unique to you.

One will be a Health Form, where you will be asked some questions about your general health, medications, surgeries, conditions, childhood health, etc. The other form will be based on which area you would like to focus on for this consultation. 

After completing the forms and sending it back to me, we will then schedule our session.

The Initial Consultation will last up to 90 minutes. Where we’ll go more in depth with your unique subject. I will take time to get to know you better, your history, lifestyle + habits. And then we’ll work together to craft a specific plan that is tailored to your own personal goals + preferences.

I will be utilising not only food but also supplements + herbs + Bach flowers when necessary. I may also include other recommendations like movements/other practitioners/classes you could do to enhance it.

The plan will be emailed to you 1 – 2 days post-consultation.

Follow Up sessions are 30 minutes and recommended weekly. This will ensure you’ll get the most support.

My hope is to guide you to make informed decisions in your everyday life to become your most vibrant self. And even with the days that you do fall, having the strength and knowledge to steer yourself back onto your path.

For pricing, details + questions, please email