What is Human Design?

Human Design is a combination of Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra system. It is a new system of breaking down all the different aspects that make up who you are. Your Human Design is the contract your soul made with the universe about who you came here to be. What you came here to experience and what karma you came here to correct.

The idea of Human Design is that we were born whole and authentic, and only through conditioning are we who we are today, a fragmented version of our truest selves. Human Design is about de-conditioning and unbecoming. Coming back to who you really are – before the world told you how to be.

It can tell you what kind of energy you are. Are you someone who needs more time alone, or do you thrive amongst people. Can you work hours on end, or do you only have enough energy for a few hours a day. What’s the best way for you to make decisions – should you sleep on it, or is it an instant intuitive hit. It can tell you what digestion type you are, and the best way for you to eat.

Learning about your Human Design is an incredible tool for getting rid of all the habits and beliefs you’ve picked up over the years that aren’t aligned with who you are at your core, so you can realign with the highest version of yourself.

Understanding human design is an invaluable tool for you to have for the rest of your life. Discovering your human design and also the designs of your family and friends, is really beneficial in understanding your connection with them and how you could better relate to them.

Discovering not only your human design but also the designs of your family and friends, can be massively beneficial in understanding your connection with them and uncovering how you could build better relationships.

The 5 Human Design Types

Manifestors, Manifesting Generators + Generators are the Energy types. Projectors + Reflectors are the Non-Energy types.

As the name implies, Manifestors are the ultimate manifesters. They tend to be the quickest manifester of all. They are born with an ability to make it all happen. They are the only ones that can really initiate things (some manifesting generators who are more manifestors can do it too) – in business, work, movements, relationships, etc. They make up around 9% of the population. They are the ones who are constantly seeking action, hard to sit still and usually off on their own doing their thing, taking matters into their own hands. You can easily spot a manifestor at a party – they are usually the ones who leave without telling anyone. Being in their presence, they have the ability to make others around them work more efficiently. They are here to be exactly who they are and having solace in knowing that some people will love them and some won’t, and being completely ok with that. Just being unapologetically themselves.

Generators are the people with that driving life force. Together with MGs (a subset of Gs), they make up around 70%. They have this open and enveloping aura that can just light up the whole room. When they are doing something they love, people just want to be around them all the time. When they set off to do something, they do it until it’s done. They are often viewed as the hard worker of the types.

Manifesting generators can be more of a Manifestor or Generator depending on the chart. MGs are a mix of powerhouse and high energy. They are the ones who want to dip their toes into many things, and have multiple passions. As soon as they get bored, they’re able to drop it and go elsewhere, taking the tools they’ve learnt from it. They’re not the ones who are suppose to stick to one job/identity for the rest of their lives. They have the ability to do all the things that light them up and it is highly encouraged to do so, in order to feel their best.

Projectors are the people who can see things, others don’t. They are the ones who are great at managing others, being consultants, advisors, healers, etc. A big thing for them as a non energy type to take a lot of rest. They aren’t designed to work the 9-5 job chained to a desk. They are best suited to work for themselves or have their own schedule. A crucial element of being a Projector is that they need to wait for an invitation. An invitation for guidance, advise, their service, etc. It doesn’t need to be a verbal one, it could be a knowing of another recognising them and wanting their guidance. One of their biggest wants in life is to be recognised, to be seen.

Reflectors are the rarest type of all, around 1% of the population. Their chart is completely without definition, this means they are the easiest of all to be influenced by other’s energies. They are the ones who never feel like there’s a solid identity within them. Like they could be anyone depending on who’s around them. Because they are the people who are here to reflect to others who they are and give others insight. They are often the wise ones in society.

Honouring your design type + strategy + authority

A big thing in HD is about honouring your design type, strategy and authority. Your authority is how you make your decisions. For some, decisions are made instantly, others need to sleep on it, wait for a gut response, whilst another need to rely on their instincts. Take note that non of the types should use their heads to make decisions, so thinking things through is not advisable for any of the types.

Most of us can’t initiate things, other than Manifestors and certain Manifesting Generators. Which is interesting because we’re often told to be headstrong and go for things, otherwise we wouldn’t rise and achieve anything. We live in a society which encourage initiations. Whereas in HD, it encourages most people to let things come to them – either for us to respond or to wait for invitation. Our HD can also give an insight as to how we should work, eat, recharge, etc.

You can also compare 2 charts, with your partner/child/parents/friends/siblings and see how you are together. And it’s also incredibly beneficial to know which HD the people around you are, so you can understand them better and be more empathetic. Especially with children, to encourage them to be exactly who they are and not demand them to be who we think they should be.

As soon as I dipped my toes in HD, I knew it would be an incredible tool to help others understand themselves + others better.


(For each additional standard reading for friends + family: £60)

Please email me at for the additional reading

The Standard reading will include details on your:

  • Type & Strategy – How you interact and exchange energy
  • Authority – How you make decisions
  • Centres
  • Profile – Your archetype
  • Definition
(For each additional comprehensive reading for friends + family: £100)

Please email me at for the additional reading

The Comprehensive reading will include details on your:

  • Type & Strategy – How you interact and exchange energy
  • Authority – How you make decisions
  • Centres
  • Profile – Your archetype
  • Definition
  • Incarnation Cross
  • Gates
  • Eating for your type
  • Digestion
  • Relationships with you

What Will Happen

After purchasing a Human Design reading with me, please email me with:

  • Your Birth Time (Please be as exact as you can, as this can influence whether you’re one type or another)
  • Your Birth Date (Day/Month/Year)
  • The Place you were born

I will then email you back to give you an approximation of how long it will take for you to get your reading! You should receive your reading within 1 week.