Space Of Well exists to share practices, tools and knowledge that builds your foundation of vibrant health.

SPACE OF WELL is an open space to invoke your inner WELL.

Being WELL means being freein your powerradically yourself •

SPACE OF WELL is where I share tools to evoke utter self-love.

Recommendations for taking care + nourishing yourself:

• nutrition • beauty • self-care practices •


I am a Wellness advisor specialising in supporting + empowering women to form a better relationship with themselves + with food.

My practice is centred around building the foundation of vibrant health through nutrition + self-care practices. As well as utilising tools I’ve gathered throughout the years, such as human design + astrology.

I am a certified Naturopath + Naturopathic Nutritionist (a graduate of the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London). And I am also certified in Yoga Alliance 200 hours Hatha yoga, where I was trained by Emily Kuser, Andrea Boni, Mei Lai Swan + Marc Holzman on the High Vibe Yoga Teacher Training course.

By healing myself of various health issues, I’ve made it my mission to share the knowledge that everyone has within them the power to feel well. My hope is to guide others to make informed decisions in their daily lives to become their most vibrant selves.

Read more about my Health Journey here.

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